Following the founding of the Parliamentary Group on Startups and Entrepreneurship by National Councillors Judith Bellaiche and Andri Silberschmidt, the Swiss Entrepreneurs & Startup Association (SWESA) was launched recently. Representatives of the SWESA board were already involved in the work for the federal support package for start-ups affected by the coronavirus crisis.

With its work, the newly founded association represents entrepreneurial ideas as well as innovative and growth-oriented companies and startups. The focus is on the effective improvement of economic policy framework conditions such as quotas for specialists from third countries or tax practice in the valuation of startups and growth companies. The association had been officially founded End of March. Start-ups such as Ava, Frontify, GuestReady, Ledgy, Legartis, Lunaphore and Sevensense have already joinded the association.

The current Covid-19 crisis has shown how important a common voice is. Representatives of the parliamentary group and the board of SWESA have worked intensively to ensure that startups are supported with additional measures by the federal government. This has been a major factor in the Federal Council’s approval last week of a package worth around CHF 150 million.

„I am committed to SWESA as a board member because the new association represents a group of companies that has so far received little political attention,“ says Marc Maurer, COO of the successful running shoe company On. He therefore calls on all innovative startups and SMEs to become members so that the association can have an immediate impact.

With your membership and your membership fee you help to promote the entrepreneurial spirit and to represent the interests of innovative SMEs and startups in a targeted and effective way. We leave it to the startups to define the amount of their membership fee. Memberships are in principle possible from a contribution of CHF 1.  

More information on the SWESA website.

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