Kaisin Food co-founder Andri Silberschmidt answered questions on why, how and when you should start a company in Zurich, and talked as well about Switzerland’s current political climate.

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Question asked:

2:33 – Where can I find some good templates to set up my company in Zurich?

3:30 – How do I hire someone in Zurich?

5:49 – What’s the most successful startup that was started in Zurich?

7:19 – Mistakes to avoid when starting a company in Zurich

10:14 – Living costs in Zurich

11:56 – Finding co-founders in Zurich

15:13 – Affordable office space in Zurich

17:48 – Looking for investment in Zurich

19:33 – How to get advisors on board

21:46 – Why start a business in Zurich?

25:08 – How startups can cooperate with universities in Zurich

26:41 – Does Zurich promote gender equality?

28:34 – Why are there so few politicians with real startup experience?

33:44 – How can we empower more startups in Zurich?

37:58 – Do cantonal taxes constitute an obstacle to new businesses?

40:20 – Can you be a political candidate and a business owner?

42:24 – How can startups reach out to politicians?

44:29 – What challenges does Andri face as a politician?

49:37 – What are Andri’s strengths?